Express Your Style with a Headboard

A headboard can be an important design element in your bedroom. Both functional and decorative, it’s a great way to celebrate your style. A headboard is a very customizable piece of furniture, so you can easily find something as funky or as traditional as you are. Here’s what a headboard can bring to your room:

Visual Interest
A headboard sets off your bed as the focal point of the bedroom. It provides structure and shape, making the room feel more complete. Use a headboard to set the style, whether you’re matching it with the color or wood stain of your other furniture, or choosing a piece for contrast. You can also use it to highlight dimensions in your room – a tall headboard draws the eye upward or adds scale to a small bed.

A great shape makes a stunning impact – sleek and streamlined, or plush and elegant to go with the vibe in your room. Embellishments like ornate carvings, nail-head trim, finials, or tall posts all add visual interest too.

Color and Patternfourhands_berkley
Neutral walls? Plain bedspread? A fabric-upholstered headboard is a great way to introduce color or pattern to your decor. A bright headboard pops against a neutral wall, framing your bed as a statement piece. It can tie the look together for your whole room, picking up colors in the rug, linens, and wallpaper. If you’d rather go bold with your sheets and comforter and a stack of pretty pillows, choose a plain or solid color headboard.

Introducing pattern also means introducing texture – another important visual design element. It adds a layer of interest and extra depth, such as a rich leather-upholstered headboard, or one with button tufting for a soft quilted appearance. Plus, the plush texture of an upholstered headboard is soft and inviting – the perfect touch for a cozy bedroom.

Historically, a headboard served to protect the sleeper from drafts and cold walls. They still do, but most of us use them for sitting up more comfortably in bed. It’s nicer support while reading or watching TV, and it keeps you from losing pillows down the crack behind you. Some models incorporate storage or shelves – a handy place to keep books, a mug, or to display photos. Some bookcase headboards feature built-in lamps, perfect for reading in bed.